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Site Finding & Acquisition

With backgrounds as Chartered Surveyors, the Directors have many years experience interpreting clients property requirements and a system for identifying suitable sites and acquiring them. Expert advice is available on Leases, Freehod Purchase, Development Agreements.

Brightstar are also able to advise on disposal or conversion of existing premises including preparing or defending dilapidations claims and sales and lettings of unwanted premises.

We are able to consider larger sites where perhaps only part is required for Veterinary purposes.

Approvals & Consents

The property and construction industry is understandably heavily regulated. We have a full technical and practical understanding of the wide ranging requirements and how to obtain all the approvals needed most efficiently and effectively. We will protect you from the onerous consequences of breaching these requirements, which in a number of areas such as Health and Safety can bring on criminal proceedings.

The following types of regulations and obligations are likely to be relevant to your building or renovation project. We know our way around all these and can help you with them.

  • Health and safety (CDM)
  • Planning – including Historic Buildings
  • Building regulations – including structural, mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Party wall
  • Environmental – including Protected species and habitats
  • Site contamination, such as asbestos and Japanese Knotweed
  • Rights of Light
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Legal title including covenants and easements
  • Utilities – new supplies and adapting existing
  • Highways
  • Insurances – project specific including third party liability and PI


We will work with you to develop a workable brief for the project that can be, for example, a replacement reception desk through to a migration from an old building to a new purpose built surgery. Establishing timescales, budgets, aspirations and constraints.

We have a set of standard documents that we can adapt such as a design brief, and typical accommodation schedule. This saves you time and money when developing a robust working document.


We will monitor the construction work to ensure that the building is being constructed in line with the agreed designs specifications and methods and that an acceptably high level of quality is being achieved.

We will frequently review progress against the agreed programme and work with the contractor to agree recovery actions.

We will check and verify when the work is practically complete. If there are outstanding snagging works to be completed we will advise on what these are and ensure they are rectified appropriately.

Cost Management

  • Throughout the various stages of the project update the cost plan to reflect any planned changes as they occur and before commitments are made so that there are no unpleasant surprises.
  • Challenge the design to ensure that it provides the most cost effective and efficient solution.
  • Obtain several quotes for all the procurement and negotiate hard on your behalf using our experience and knowledge of the market to get the right deal.
  • Always consider the whole pfe costs of design decisions for example the initially cheapest boiler is unlikely to be so when considered over a 20-year period.
  • Provide regular and simple reports so that you can plan your cash-flow
  • Check invoices received from contractors and that the progress and quality of the Works conforms to that invoiced. When we are satisfied, we will issue a certificate to you to release the funds in whole or part.

Detailed Design

When we have fixed the outline scheme (usually after we have planning consent) we will produce the detailed designs and production drawings. These are the ‘blueprints’ for the project describing the scheme in sufficient detail that the contractor is in no doubt about the products, methods and output quality that is expected.

These will form the basis for initial checks by the fire service and building control. They will also be checked for compliance with energy modelling assessments such as an SBEM.

Energy Performance

We are continuously developing our ability to meet the challenge of increasingly onerous targets for reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions through more intelligent design, new product development and construction methods. Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers are fully qualified, experienced and registered with their leading professional organisations.

Our engineers will check the design as it evolves to ensure that it is likely to meet energy assessment modelling criteria such as an SBEM. This is no longer a mere procedural requirement. The hurdles that are now set by the compulsory SBEM modelling exercise can be so onerous as to lead to major changes in the design approach


Working within the brief we will develop outline designs that include specification, drawings, budget cost plan and programme. It will also identify and risks and how these might be best mitigated. This process is iterative and usually involves several reinterpretations and budgets.

We will check that the project is deliverable. That the site infrastructure is adequate such as drains, electricity supply, gas supply, etc. Whether all the consent and approvals such as party wall, rights of light, planning etc. are reasonable achievable

Layouts & Building Fabric Design

We understand the way you work and the best configuration of rooms to achieve a comfortable and efficient working environment. We also have a well researched and experienced knowledge of the finishes and products that are available to best meet the different performance standards required in a modern clinical environment

We can provide you with a tailored design service that is just right for your project. Equally, we are happy to work with your preferred designers and advisors to provide the construction services. In all circumstances we work proactively and constructively to achieve the best outcomes for you.


If your scheme needs planning approval we will develop the draft designs and are able to submit and champion the apppcation. Meeting with planning officers, attending site and committee meetings, supplying addition reports and lobbying, etc. as necessary. Ensuring the application has the best chance of success.

Consents are often granted with conditions. They might relate to the detailed consideration of materials to be used, evidence that the suggested schemes for protecting endangered species or habitats have been implemented etc. Through the detailed design process we will work to get these conditions released.

Post Construction Checks

We will carry our out post completion checks at 3, 6 and 12 months to ensure the building is performing as it should and will deal with the release of any retention.

Project Management

In deapng with all aspects of the project we will protect and promote your best interests. At the outset we will work with you to establish a project plan. This will detail who is intended to what, where and when. For larger projects we set up a project website so that you can get online access to and download the latest key documents such as drawings, project directory and the programme. We then hold regular project meetings with you and the rest of the team to review progress against the project plan.

We aim to make your project as successful as possible. Reducing risk and delivering predictable outcomes ensuring the project is delivered on time to budget

You can then be involved in those parts that are important to you. Freeing you up to get on with your own business and reduce the stress that is inherent in these projects.

Structural Engineering

The development of a robust and efficient structural engineering solution is central to the design development and can have significant impact on cost and programme. We are aware of the products and methods that are constantly being developed and will ensure the design is the most workable and cost effective.

Structural Engineering

The development of a robust and efficient structural engineering solution is central to the design development and can have significant impact on cost and programme. We are aware of the products and methods that are constantly being developed and will ensure the design is the most workable and cost effective.

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